Painting in a series......

Painting in a Series........................

Over the many years that I have been painting I have always enjoyed painting in a series.  This gives me the opportunity to bring to each new painting the knowledge I have gained from the previous one.  My Golden Moon Series was started about 20 years ago.   "Heron In A Golden Moon"  was the first painting that I did with gold leafing after taking a workshop with Linda Stevens Moyer AWS, NWS. 

Heron in Harvest Moon-With GOLD and No Signature-by Rebecca Kahrs-Orig.12x18.jpg

This past January I taught a wildlife workshop and was demonstrating a barn owl.  When the owl was  almost completed it struck me that I really wanted to revisit my Golden Moon Series and so I added a gold leafed moon behind the owl and then painted in my black background.  That painting was featured on The Laurel of Asheville magazine.  In September I completed "Black Crown Night Heron" as seen below.


While working on this series I have also been working on trying to find a  new watercolor paper.  After painting on Winsor & Newton 140lb watercolor paper for over twenty years they closed their plant several years ago and I have run out of my stash that I had been saving.  I have used many different papers over the years.  Arches 300lb cp being one of them and it is great paper but just not my favorite for painting every subject matter.  I recently tried some Twinrocker Watercolor this paper and even though its a little spendy its worth the investment.  This paper is made in Indiana and is handmade with beautiful deckle edges.  They have a large variety of papers that they make ranging from print-making to watercolor.....they even offer tinted watercolor papers for those painters that enjoy painting on a tinted surface.  If you would like to try their papers go to their website: