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My passion for watercolor is ignited by the way the medium captures light.  The transparent washes create a luminosity found in no other medium.  I’m constantly challenged to discover the individual properties and individual “personalities” of the pigments and how I can create the cleanest, most striking combinations of light and color.  In my painting, I strive to see the true color in not only the objects, but in the shadows and reflections. 

I believe composition is key to a successful painting.   I work to create dynamic compositions that keep the viewer's eye entertained and moving throughout a painting, in order to notice all of the rich and vibrant shapes and colors.  When I create a composition, whether it be a still life, botanical or nature,  my desire is to show life in a vibrant and flourishing way, with all of the attention to color and detail that may sometimes be overlooked.  I am inspired by the study of composition set forth by the old masters such as Sargent, Degas, Klimt & Waterhouse.  The principles that they followed serve as guidelines for my creativity.

 I believe my greatest purpose, as an artist, is to share what I know with others.  I understand the power and joy of art and find fulfillment in teaching others how to paint and grow as artists. 

If you would like to purchase a painting, print or DVD please contact the gallery directly and we will be happy to assist you.


New DVD Series: "The Magic Of Watercolor"


Brevard, North Carolina  based watercolor artist Rebecca Kahrs and MADLAWMEDIA teamed up to produce three full length watercolor instructional videos to share the secrets Rebecca has learned over her nearly 30 years of painting experience. In this video, Rebecca discusses her passion for teaching and her love of art.

If you would like to meet Rebecca and view more of her work in person her gallery is:

Dragonfly Gallery located at 72 South Broad St., Brevard, North Carolina  Or for more info call the gallery at:  (828) 966-5099.

Also a special note of thanks to Martina Peladeau for graciously allowing me to use her music in the videos.