Rebecca Kahrs Watercolor Supply List

This is a complete list of all the art supplies that I presently use.  I am in no way suggesting  that you need all of the below items.  Many times students sign up for a workshop and then get the supply list and panic because they look at all of these items and think that they will have to sell off their first born.  Please understand that I don’t want this to be the case with my supply list.  I tell students all the time to bring the paints and brushes that you are comfortable with and see how I am using mine and then decide if it is an item that you would like to have.  

I still have students always asking me for my complete supply list,  This is it.  I only order my supplies through the 1-800 numbers that I have provided or I order online from the following website listed below.  

These three companies that I order most of my supplies from are:

(CJ)  Cheap Joe’s Art Supplies       1-800-227-2788

(DS)  Daniel Smith Art Supplies       1-800-426-6740

(DB)  Dick Blick                      1-800-723-2787


My palette guide is based on the Masterson Aqua Pro Palette product #1014. Not the one with the blue lid.   This palette has 32 wells and is a very strong plastic and will last you for years to come.  You can order them on line with any of the above suppliers.   


The following brushes I order from Dick Blick:

  • Da Vinci Maestro Series 35 Size 6 Round  
  • Isabey's Cat's Tongue Pointed Oval Wash Size 4 
  • Isabey's Cat's Tongue Pointed Oval Wash Size 6
  • Robert Simmons Skyflow Flat Wash 2 inch 

The Following Brushes I order from Cheap Joe’s

  • Robert Simmons White Sable Round Size 10 item #RS785
  • Robert Simmons Sapphire Angle Shader size 3/8  item #RSS57-375
  • Painting Knife item #JR500814 this is used for filling my palette and I also use it for techniques and textures in my paintings.


Paints are a very personal thing and over the years I have used hundreds.  It has taken me many years to find the ones that I love and that give me the most transparency and granulation.  This is a large list of paints and I do not suggest that students order all of these colors.  I always tell students to bring the colors that you are used to using and watch and see how I am using my colors to see if they are a color that you would like to use.   But please pay attention to the particular Brand that I use for certain colors, because color properties and temperatures vary between manufacturers. 


♡ Denotes that this color is on my actual palette.

☂Denotes that these are colors that I tend to use a lot with my landscapes


American Journey Watercolors by Cheap Joe’s

This particular brand comes in two different tube sizes.  I usually buy the larger size because it is the best price.  Watercolors last a long time in the tubes.  I have some tubes that are over 10 years and they are still unable and in great shape.  These colors once purchased will last for a very long time.  

♡☂  Andrew’s Turq. Also known as cobalt teal blue  AJ1004

♡☂  Burnt Sienna  AJ1016

♡☂  Cadmium Orange  AJ1022

☂    Coastal Fog  AJ1039

♡☂  Cobalt Blue  AJ1040

☂    Coffee w/Cream  AJ1044

♡    Joe’s Green also known as Phthalo Green

☂    Manganese Blue  AJ1073

♡☂  Periwinkle  AJ1089

♡☂  Permanent Rose  AJ1094

☂    Sepia  AJ1127

♡☂  Sky Blue  AJ1131

♡☂  Taylor’s Flamingo Pink

☆    Viridian  AJ1142  used mostly when I do portraits or glass pieces

♡☂  Yellow Ochre  AJ1148

☆☂  Raw Umber Violet  Used a lot but not on palette


Daniel Smith Watercolors

My first love of watercolor come with the Daniel Smith watercolors and you will find that I still use many of his colors.  Some of their  colors are only produced by Daniel Smith and you can’t find them anywhere else.  The quality of these paints are just wonderful.. The colors listed below are the colors that I use.

♡    Carbazole Violet            item #284-600-019

♡☂  Cobalt Blue Violet          item #284-600-115

♡☂  Green Gold                 item #284-600-139

♡    Indanthrone Blue           item #284-600-043

♡    Perylene Scarlet            item #284-600-080

♡☂  Quinacridone Sienna        item #284-600-093

♡    Quinacridone Coral                 item #284-600-088

♡☂  Sap Green                  item #284-600-102

♡☂  Ultramarine Turq.           item #284-600-105

☂    Undersea Green            item #284-600-109

♡☂  Deep Sap Green            item #284-600-175

♡☂  Quinacridone Gold                 item #284-600-089

♡☂  Perylene Maroon           item #284-600-074

♡☂  Quinacridone Burnt Orange        item #284-600-086

♡☂  Aureolin                   item #284-600-006

♡☂  Hansa Yellow Med.         Item #284-600-039



This is a very old French paint company.  You may purchase them from Cheap Joe’s or downtown at Dick Blick.

♡☂  Cobalt Violet Deep

♡☂  Indian Yellow

♡☂  Carmine or Alizarin Crimson

♡☂  French Vermillion

♡☂  Ultramarine Blue

♡☂  Cerulean Blue  

Watercolor Paper

Paper is also a very personal thing.  As you become more experienced with painting you may find different papers that you like better.  Watercolor paper comes in many different sizes, weights and surfaces.  Some papers come on blocks which I personally never use and some paper needs to be stretched so that it doesn’t buckle as you paint on it.  My personal theory is I would rather spend my time painting and not stretching paper, so with that said I suggest  the following papers.  

I mostly use Winsor & Newton Watercolor Sheets in 140 lb. Cold press paper.  I also suggest that as a beginner you start with this also.  This paper is sold in packages of 5-sheets per pack or 10 depending on what art supplier you buy them from.  I would suggest that you purchase at least 10 sheets for your first few months of classes. Cheap Joe’s Item #WN140-PC

I also use Arches Watercolor Paper 300 lb. Cold press for my heavy duty paper and this is the aper that I usually do my competition pieces on.  It’s expensive (about $20.00 Per sheet of 22 x 30)  This paper is a work horse and takes a lot of abuse.  

Other Things To Make Your Life Easier & Things You Might Need In Class

A pencil.  I like the Bic or Pental disposable mechanical pencils with a white tip eraser.  Wall-mart is the best place to purchase this item. They come in packages of 5 or 6.

A Uni-Ball roller pen.  I use black and the fine tip.

A roll of tracing paper.  I usually get the 18 x 24 size at Dick Blick.

Factis White Eraser.  Cheap Joe’s Item #G20

White Artist Tape.  Cheap Joe’s Item #AT-75

Two large clear or white water containers.  I find them at the Dollar Store.

Pebble Drawing Gum.  Cheap Joe’s Item #PEB-1  Get the smaller bottle.

Ugly Brushes.  You will need a few of these to apply the drawing gum.  I usually get the #6 Round and about 3-4 at a  time.  Item #CJUG-6

If you are taking a landscape class I like to use the small 3” diameter white porcelain dishes that you can get at World Market.  You need at least 4 of these but 6 would be best.  

Please bring a roll of plain white paper towels.  Viva is my favorite to use.

I hope this covers everything.  If I forgot something please accept my apology.  Please remember this is my complete list of everything that I use all the time and beginners do not need this whole list just the highlighted items.  

Questions?  Please email me or call me during my studio hours of Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.  If I don’t answer leave a message and I will get back to you as son as possible.  (912) 598-2964 or email: