Student Testimonials

"I have painted with Rebecca for a number of years.  When I looked at her work, I realized that she was able to achieve a clarity of color and luminosity that was missing in my painting.  After studying with her and understanding her approach to color, I was able to utilize the techniques she uses to attain the beautiful color in her paintings.  She truly is a master knowledgeable about color, but also teaching it in a clear and understandable way. 

I have often noted that there is a difference between being a good painter and being a good teacher.  As a career educator, I recognize that it is important to teach students in a way they can learn.  This is part of Rebecca’s strengths.  She is able to break down information in an understandable fashion, so that students are able to grasp complicated techniques with ease.  The additional asset is that Rebecca is a masterful painter as well.  Her skill at teaching plus her mastery of watercolor, create a blockbuster, winning combination that cannot be beat"

_Anne Hightower-Patterson, BFA, M.Ed.,

Award winning watercolorist   


"After retirement from a forty-four year career as a university dean of a school of fine arts and Professor of art history I resided for three years in Savannah, Georgia. One of the highlights of living there was the opportunity to participate in hands -on art classes/ workshops at the Telfair Museum and other venues. One of the best of these was a water color portrait- painting class taught by Rebecca Kahrs. I had previously heard so many stellar comments about her art teaching ability,. all, of which, I found to be true. She does an excellent job of often, clearly, explaining and, carefully, demonstrating, the various stages in the watercolor process which is ideal for visual learners. There is continued individual attention on her part which is great for those struggling to learn a new medium or a new process/technique. Her passion for art is infectious to her students. She is a very personable individual and enjoyable to be around. My only disappointment was that I was unable to take more classes from her."

—Larry Ray, PhD

Florence, Italy


"Having taken workshops and classes from Rebecca Kahrs, I can truthfully say that she is not only a great painter, but also a great teacher. My 30 year career as an educator made me acutely aware of her teaching abilities. Rebecca was always well prepared and organized for her classes, explained other students what to do, showed them how to do it, and gave excellent feed back as each step was practiced. Whether a student was a beginner or an advanced painter, she provided the instruction and inspiration that encouraged individual growth. It is the lucky painter who has had, or will have, Rebecca as a teach and mentor."

—Pam Tisdale

Professor Emeritus

College of Charleston


"I originally met and studied with Rebecca Kahrs in her studio back in 2005, several years later had an opportunity to paint with her for a three week workshop in Italy. Rebecca is an excellent teacher who carries an energy for teaching and inspiring others that is contagious and energizing. I was able to produce several beautiful pieces from our workshop that I will have for the rest of my life. I’m looking forward to taking more workshops with Rebecca in the future.....she is a phenomenal artist and teacher. If you want to learn how to paint watercolors she is unsurpassable and I would recommend Rebecca to anyone with a passion to learn art."

—Lena Pluhar

Artist, Chef & Business Owner

Adelaide, Australia


"Starting with my first art teacher in 6th grade, I have been through quite a variety of instructors in my quest to express myself through art. There have been some who truly tried to teach a student how to "see" and how to gently prod to produce something the student didn't think was possible. And unfortunately, several who were more concerned with their telephones and how much time was left on their class. It has been my luck to discover Rebecca Kahrs who has been the best art teacher with whom I have ever had classes. I can't wait each week to go to class and not only produce but truly learn. Rebecca stressed color and their properties. She has taught me techniques (that should have been taught to me earlier) and makes every class fun. Never one to criticize, she gently points out something the student should consider to improve their project. And she's always right! Every student in her classes receives individual attention no matter their level of competence. And she really takes time to prepare her classes. What a joy it is to have a teacher who is totally committed to imparting her knowledge to her students! Every session is a unique learning experience.
If I could attend a class every day, I would."

—Ronnie Tate

Princeton, CT


"'Keep those brushes wet!' are words of lasting advice from Rebecca. She has a gift for painting and for teaching others like me.  Not only can she teach technique but also how to become immersed in the creative process of putting ideas into visual expression. I had picked up brushes and paint 25 years ago struggled on my own, never really improved much, and wasted a lot of paper and paint. Now, with the benefit of Rebecca's encouragement and guidance, I've begun to create paintings that are good enough to hang on walls not hide under the bed. Her ability to demonstrate technique and tricks coupled with her interpersonal skill helps to make learning her process a positive, building experience. So I credit Rebecca for gently nudging me to keep my brushes wet and for encouraging me to grow as an artist. It's been challenging and fun. Thank you, Rebecca."

—Denis Healy

Savannah, GA


"With approximately 10 years of watercolor workshops with Rebecca and a number of other instructors, I tell everyone that I have had some really bad and some mediocre instructors. Rebecca, however, articulates her lessons well and along with her skill at painting, she is definitely the best at teaching I have ever had. So many artists are good at one or the other, but it is rare to find someone who can verbalize well and paint so beautifully at the same time."

—Nancy Dancu

Savannah, GA


"Rebecca Kahrs is an outstanding teacher. She is unique as she has the ability to tune in to each student and provide specific tools that will move their abilities to a profoundly higher level. Rebecca is the perfect balance of a teacher as she understands when to nurture and when to challenge depending on her student's personal needs. I have greatly excelled under her tutelage and am blessed to have studied with her.  (p.s. I Plan to continue!!)"

—Teresa Ackland



"Rebecca is the blend of both a great artist and a great teacher. She can interpret her talent in a way that students understand immediately. Her goal is to make students feel successful from the start by insisting each uses quality tools: good paper and good paints to insure a high quality product from the beginner. She picks subject matter that is appropriate for skill levels and the personality of the class. (Middle aged women aren’t painting motorcycles.) She teaches the “rules” by demonstrating them not preaching them. Her classes are filled with AHA!!! Moments. She’s very encouraging without patronizing. There’s a lot of “if you want “this” result, DO “this”. If you do “that”, you’ll get “that”, not “this”. All while showing exactly what color, brush, technique, etc. is producing each result. AHAAAA! Painting is visual. It’s not a spectator sport. Students learn by watching the artist paint. Duh! Good teachers, like Rebecca, demonstrate with skill, tempo, patience and humor. She should teach teachers!"

—Nicole Curreri

New Jersey


"I first met Rebecca when I took her beginner watercolor workshop. I’d always had a passion for art and wanted the guidance and instruction of an experienced artist and teacher. Rebecca taught the materials and techniques of watercolors in a way that gave me a solid foundation to continue to improve as an artist. I continued to take workshops with Rebecca and improved as a watercolorist. Years after my first course with Rebecca, I was accepted into a graduate Master of Fine Arts program. I have since completed the degree and am an adviser and instructor at a well known art college. Rebecca has been my greatest teacher and I continue to seek her advice and instruction.“

—Susan Jacobs,  

College Academic Advisor/Portfolio Review Manager

Atlanta, GA


"I have always felt I had been given a natural talent for drawing. God had blessed me with many gifts  but when I  applied paint to paper the end results were not so flattering. After only one six week class in beginning watercolor painting with Rebecca I blossomed and took off,she had seen more in me than I and encouraged me to pursue the medium further. Rebecca is blessed with an understanding of the application of paint to paper and her images shine with sensitivity for her subjects ending with her trademark "luminous glow”. She has a gift for seeing beyond what is in front of the naked eye and seeing color that took me years to appreciate...capturing the light  and  making it  quite obvious  that  there is a spiritual connection and deep appreciation for what she loves as well as for her students..

   As a teacher Rebecca is always ready to help with a new students frustrations or a seasoned professionals struggles as well and ever ready to give inspiration and guidence to the next level. One of my greatest joys in knowing her is that she is ever seeking.. ever searching for new ways to excite and empower her students as well as keep the creative spark alive in one and all. In my opinion as an artist one of the greatest gifts a teacher can give her students are..instilling the DESIRE  as well as the KNOWLEDGE in those who seek her guiding hands. She is ever seeking to grow not only as a teacher but as a person...blessings to anyone who is fortunate enough to have this creative spirit as an instructor."

—IsaBella Davis

Professional Artist/Photographer

Savannah, GA